Açılan Yan Dal Dersleri

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  • Ersin Göğüş

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    The program is designed for students who wish to acquire an understanding of basic physics, either to support their major program, or to satisfy their interest and curiosity. The program offers a sufficient and consistent formation that will prepare interested students for graduate study in physics.

    Physics Minor Degree Program: A Minor Degree in Physics at the Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences is offered. Students who are interested in the degree program are required to enroll in at least 4 core and 2 elective physics courses. In addition to this, students are recommended to take mathematics courses from among MATH 201 Linear Algebra, MATH 202 Differential Equations and MATH 203 Introduction to Probability and Statistics. One CS course is recommended for developing their programming skills.

    Açılan Yan Dal Dersleri


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