Fundamental Physics

Fundamental Physics

Durmuş Ali Demir
  • Symmergent Gravity

    Symmergent gravity, short for symmetry-restoring emergent gravity, is a whole new framework in which gravity emerges in a way guided by gaugeinvariance, reconciled with quantum fields, and accompanied by new particles. It can be searched at collider experiments like LHC, astrophysical objects like black holes, cosmological phenomena like inflation, and elusive particles like dark matter. The Fundamental Physics Group at Sabancı University is performing a wide-range research on symmergent gravity by studying black holes, cosmic inflation, feebly-coupled particles, dark stars/galaxies, and the like. Figure 1. A comparative view of the usual Higgs mechanism and the symmergence.

  • Fifth Force

    Nature may have additional forces beyond the four known ones. The fifth force, mediated by a massive Z’ vector boson, is quite common in  GUTs and strings. The Fundamental Physics Group at Sabancı University works on the geometric Z’ boson originating from metric-affine gravity. The geometric-Z’ can reveal itself in black holes and other compact objects. It can also give cause to observable signals at the FCC and ILC.

     Figure 2. Scattering cross section of the Z’-bosons from nuclei as a function of their masses.

  • Quantum Tunneling Time

    Tunneling is a pure quantum effect. From the shining of the Sun to the mutation of the DNA, many phenomena are known to rest on quantum tunneling. The Fundamental Physics Group at Sabancı University is working on quantum tunneling time by building time models and by applying their models to point mutations in DNA (with near-future applications to quantum computer components like Josephson junctions).

     Figure 3. Guanine quadruplex, believed to be relevant for aging, can be destabilized by tunneling of the potassium ions.